A Book for Acoustic Guitar Players (Coming Soon)

In many ways, this book represents the culmination of my approach to guitar. My main objective was to improve upon the "book" as a medium for guitar teaching. To do this, I've framed rhythm and lead playing in a unified manner. The book begins by detailing the processes and techniques necessary to develop strong, intuitive rhythm; building on that, I include detailed transcriptions that allow the reader to speak stylistically. Finally, I channel these areas of knowledge toward a new brand of flatpicking guitar. Whether you are an old-time backup guitarist, or a flatpicker, this book is for you.

Table of Contents:


  • Notation Notes

  • Resources

  • The Nature of Backup Guitar

  • Knowing Your Role 

  • The “Feel”

  • Play

  • Holding the Pick

Chapter 1 “Mono Bass Pattern”

  • Rhythmic Fundamentals 

  • Basic Chord Shapes

Chapter 2 “Introducing a Tune”

  • Building a Road Map 

  • Chapter 3“Mommy, where do notes come from?”
    Diatonicism (A Crash Course)

  • Building Triads

  • Chordal Function

  • Back to the Tune

  • Building Ideas

  • Suggested Practice 

Chapter 4 “Walking Patterns and Bass Runs”

  • Phrase Endings

  • Listening Practice

Chapter Five “Chord Choices” 

  • Application of Chordal Theory

  • Suggested Practice

  • Reflecting on our Conclusions 

  • Conclusion

Chapter 6 “Stylization”

  • Riley Puckett “Tuba style” or “Georgia Clave” 

  • More Layers to Puckett

  • Further listening (Narmour and Smith)

  • How much is too much?

Chapter 7 “Syncopation” 

  • Responding to Ghosts

  • Looking Forward  

Chapter 8 “Flatpicking”

  • Flatpicking’s First Practitioner?

  • The Flatpick as a Medium

  • Norman Blake

  • Further Practice

  • Mother Maybelle Carter