48 Essential Riley Puckett Transcriptions

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150 pages of Riley Puckett gold! The goal of this volume is to provide a useful resource for folks interested in Riley Puckett’s playing style. Seeing as there are yet no other sources like this one, I hope this opens a larger conversation. Though my transcriptions are aimed to be precise, I have not transcribed recordings in their entirety. I have labeled each arrangement as precisely as possible, providing time stamps and important notes. You’ll notice, at times, multiple time stamps are printed in a given transcription; this is to provide the most concise presentation of what I believe are the performance’s most distinctive quirks and attributes.

I have transcribed Riley’s playing in solo contexts, duo contexts and within the environment of a string band (The Skillet Lickers). This provides a psychological insight into his ability to modulate and adapt his distinctive techniques. In general, you’ll notice that he tends toward playing in half time when playing with a band (taking up the role of the “missing” bass player), while in smaller band settings he tends to play in standard 4/4 time. In some cases, I have added the missing strums in parentheses () to provide an option for those folks who wish to use the arrangement to different ends. Most importantly, I hope this volume inspires increasingly creative interpretations of this unique brand of guitar playing.

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Tunes (in order): Away Out In The Mountain, Blue Ridge Mountain Blues, Chain Gang Blues, Curly Headed Baby, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down, Everybody Works But Father, Fuzzy Rag, I Wish I Was Single Again, I'm Going to Georgia, K.C. Railroad, The Longest Train, Mckinley, The Moonshiner's Dream, Nobody's Business, Ragged But Right, The Arkansas Sheik, Billy in the Lowground, Down In The Valley, Hawkins Rag, Hop High Ladies, Katy Hill, Kimball House, McMichen's Reel, The Old Spinning Wheel, Tokio Rag, Raccoon on a Rail, Back Up and Push, Bonaparte's Retreat, Broken Down Gambler, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Cripple Creek, Down Yonder, Farmer's Daughter (breaks 1 & 2), Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Georgia Wagoner, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Hell Broke Loose in Georgia, Mississippi Sawyer, Old Dan Tucker, The Old Gray Mare, Rocky Pallet, Sleeping Lulu, Soldier's Joy, Sugar in the Gourd, Wreck Of The Old '97.

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Presbyterian Guitar (John Hartford), w/ backup Arrangement

Blake's March (Norman Blake)

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Blake's March (Norman Blake)

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